Trailaqua Water Filter

  • Removes 99,9999% of bacteria
  • Fastest Portable Water Filter
  • Easy to fill water bag
  • Screw threads to attach standard soda bottle
  • Squeeze or gravity filtering

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Removes Bacteria
Our filter removes 99.9999% of bacteria found in the water, so you can drink clean water.

Fastest flow rate
Our waterfilter has the fastest flow rate amongst outdoor water filters. Our filter reaches 1100ml/min!

Easy to fill water bag
The included 2 liter water bag has a big opening and is made of durable TPU material.

Product Demo

Video reviews from users

Video review from Bert

User friendly with viewing window, compared to other popular filters it’s much faster.

Video Review from Martin

Easy to fill waterbag. Take off the cap and the water comes straight out of the filter without squeezing, fits a soda bottle on both ends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the water bag included?
Yes, the water bag comes with the water filter.
How many liters can I filter with this?
You can filter up to 350.000 liters with it if you maintain the filter well.
Can I get a spare water bag?
We have a spare waterbag available for purchase.
What bacteria does it filter out?
Intestinal enterococci,
Listeria monocytogenes,
Pseudomonas aeruginosa,
and others that are 0,1 micron or bigger.
How fast is the flow rate?
The flow rate with the squeeze method is 1100ml/min and with gravity it’ 800ml/min.
Where can I download a test report?
You can download the laboratory test report here.

Sample 001 is the control sample. Sample 002 is the positive control. Sample 003,004,005 is the filtered water from the positive control.

Buy from (germany)