Our Story

I was planning a canoe trip with my good friend. We asked ourselves the question, how are we going to filter water? Our options were boiling water or refilling water at people’s houses. Both of these options were not great, so we explored the internet looking for options.

We stumbled upon water filters for hiking. We saw a popular brand and went for it. The water filter worked great initially, but after a while, the flow rate of the filter was getting very bad. It took us 30 minutes to filter our water for the day. Filtering the water became a real chore!

Our typical camp setup during the trip.

When we got back from the trip I was thinking, how can I make this better? I’m certainly not the only one with this problem. That’s why my experience with sourcing products in China came into play. We quickly developed a prototype of my ideal filter which I want to take on a canoe or hiking trip. After several durability tests (throwing the filter and the water bag on rocks) I took it on its first 7-day canoe drip.

What a joy!

The first test of the water filter on a 7-day canoe trip in Sweden.

The filtering was quick, the water bag felt great and the cleaning was smooth. Now our water filtering routine was reduced to only 5-minutes. We could now enjoy fishing or sitting by the fire relaxing after a long day of paddling.

I wanted to make this water filter available to everyone. That’s why I have started this store. Do you want to try our filter out? You can buy it on this website, bol.com, Amazon Netherlands, or Amazon Germany.

Thanks for reading and have a great trip!